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X Ambassadors


While the album name-drops many places within Ithaca, it’s not necessarily about Ithaca. It’s about a feeling found in Ithaca that follows like a shadow - a deep loneliness, a feeling of insignificance and invisibility on a backdrop of a swallowing gorge. Almost every track on the album ends with a crackling silence, one that ends up feeling not so silent. Each track transports you to a hyper-specific setting, but then at the end, there you are. Alone in the car with a sputtering radio. 

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Dermot Kennedy


“There are memories that are gone immediately, there are some that fade, and some that just do not leave. I know you have them. Spend this song inside this memory.”

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Gigi Perez

How To Catch a Falling Knife

is like green noise - it is not silent, but silences. It feels like walking through a forest that your brain perceives as muted, but your body feels in every single bone. Like a flooding deprivation tank. It’s all consuming in such a quiet way. It’s so loud. 

It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how it feels.

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Dean Lewis

The Hardest Love

Dean Lewis describes himself as relentless. His feverish passion is a swirling storm, and his music is the storm's eye - a centered stillness in a surging spin.

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Braden Bales


If Braden Bales is a striker, his lyrics are the match. His words hit the uncoated surface he creates at just the right rate, and line by line, the spark scintillates. There’s something so precise yet unstrained about him, like the way a match just slides. He’s a nomad walking a sniper-steady trail.


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