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Tessa Swantek

Majo Aguilar 


Karli Bennett 
Gabrielle McLoughlin


PORTRAY-TS       a play on "portraits," to emphasize our aim to portray interviewees accurately and with vivid detail.

 A portrait, if done well, can capture the feeling behind a person's eyes, and when coupled with an in-depth interview, we create an empathetic and accurate depiction of our interviewed creatives.

PALETTES builds on the artistic element of the magazine by understanding color stories and aesthetic. With the help of Majo Aguilar, we have expanded into in-depth film discussions called FRAMES, and music conversations called TONES. With the help of Karli Bennett, we have expanded into photography with our GALLERIES section, covering concerts and complementing our music section!

We believe in slow journalism to create eac
h piece with care and truth. 

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