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YOUR ANGEL Color Palette
Christina Bryson (pink palette) &  Madeline Leary (blue palette)
Palette Graphics
Images sourced from YOUR ANGEL Music Videos

In her music, Maddy Boyd spins a swirling cotton candy-toned pipe dream in  which her persona, YOUR ANGEL, sings out with a voice so sugary sweet that it melts in her mouth. There is something celestial about her music, it is light and airy, while the instruments nearly twinkle. Boyd’s visual aesthetic serves as a complimentary color to her melodic tone. When we asked Boyd which music video of hers she would most want to live in, she picked “You Never Say Sorry,” a world of blue cotton puffed skies, 2000s electric cobalt shimmer eyeshadow, and dancing silhouettes in zesty orange sunsets. Boyd seems to be mesmerized by surreal landscapes and soundscapes, enticing listeners in. Her upcoming album, “A Star In The Headlights,” which she just announced, holds a fitting title for her sound. When asked about the album, she says, “‘A Star In The Headlights' is about longing for something and the journey I took to arrive there. It explores feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, jealousy and weakness. I drew inspiration from artists like Britney Spears, Dido, Portishead, Timbaland and Beach House in order to create an album that embodies my childhood role models." While the album certainly shines a spotlight on her influences, it is also very much uniquely YOUR ANGEL. The album will be released on March 17th, while her final pre-release single, “Good Girl” will come out on February 17th.

In our interview with Boyd, we talk about color palettes, her aesthetic, and her upcoming album!


First of all, Happy New Year! What are some things you are manifesting for 2023?

Happy New Year!! This year I really want my music to reach people. The past year was a difficult one for me and I felt really isolated. I am craving mass connection in such a big way. The music I have coming out this year is very dear to me, and I hope it can make people feel seen and, in hand, make me feel seen as well. 

Before moving forward in talking about upcoming projects, I want to take a look back at your music videos over the past year. If you could pick one music video aesthetic/era to live in, which setting would you pick? 

 Ooof, that’s a tough pick between the “You Never Say Sorry” video and the “One More Time” video, but I would probably have to go with the “You Never Say Sorry” world. It’s so bright and fun but also off putting and funny. That video feels super surreal, I think it would be a fun world to live in.


Directed by: Nathan Castiel

Directed of  Photography: Justin McWilliams

3m 24s

You have a very defined aesthetic in each music video and in your music in general. You seem to be very influenced by y2k fashion, sound, and aesthetics. If you could create a mood board to describe your personality and tastes, what would it look like? What do you imagine the color palette to be?

Yeah, I’m definitely inspired by the early 2000s since that’s the era of pop music I grew up in. I feel the most inspired by 2005-2010 though. I think Gwen Stephanie, The Olsen Twins, Kate Moss, and Britney Spears for fashion inspiration. The color palette would probably be charcoal, silver, sky blue, brown, light pink, and black. Musically it would be Timbaland, Justin Timberlake, Kitty, Britney Spears, early Black Eyed Peas, Ivy, George Clanton, Lady Gaga. 

Your music is often described as dream-pop and really does offer a vivid dreamscape. If you could imagine the perfect setting (it can be as surrealist and impractical as you want) to listen to your music in, what would it look like? 

Honestly, I think the perfect setting to listen to my music would be driving down an empty highway as the sun is setting, windows down on a summer night.


Directed by: Madeline Leary

Cinematography by: Sarah Winters

Produced by: Nada Youssef

3m 32s

“We had a crew of mostly women which made bringing such a femme video to life very natural. We filmed the video in 3 days and we had to finesse a lot of it as we had big ideas but a small indie artist budget. For example, the restaurant scene was filmed in a fast food burger place that let us use their space for free. We spent hours putting up wallpaper and decorating it to look cute. It took a lot of hard work and very kind people lending their time and skill set to pull this video off.”

Your Angel on "Misbehave" MV

I had the pleasure of listening to your second album and I really think it’s so gorgeous and extremely cohesive. I know I can’t say too much about it, but to me, it has a celestial and ethereal vibe. Did you have a vision in mind before you started creating the album, or did it fall into place once you started creating?

Thank you so much! Making cohesive records is so important to me, so thanks for saying that. Honestly, it just fell into place. I think because I write and produce everything alone before I bring it to anyone else to do production on makes it easy to be cohesive because the whole project is coming from one brain. I definitely had specific stuff I was into at the time and knew the general vibe of what I wanted to make, but it wasn’t super calculated. I just let it all come out the way it wanted to. 

A lot of your music feels very cinematic to me. If you could place one of your songs in a movie, what song and movie would you choose? 

I think my song “Star” (which will be on the album) would work so well in a super dramatic teen movie. Like a Twilight type of film. 

I want to end with our signature question- if you could bottle three scents, what would you bottle, and what memories do they trigger? 

I think I would bottle the smell of the hotel lobby my family used to stay at in South Padre Island (which is probably just chlorine, haha), the smell of burning piñon wood because during the fall and winter in the little town I grew up in New Mexico, the air always smelled like burning piñon and the way my dog Charlie smelled when he was a puppy.

"One More Time"

Directed by: Madeline Leary

Cinematography by: Olivia Segarra

2m 59s

A Star in the Headlights Track List:


2. You Never Say Sorry

3. Edge of the Line

4. Misbehave

5. Baby


7. Good Girl

8. Rose (feat. Brutus VIII)

9. Tough

10. Sleep Talk

11. Honey


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