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November 8, 2023 in Marathon Music Works, Nashville, TN.

The Japanese House, a project of Amber Bain, put on a sold out show at Marathon Music Works in Nashville on November 8th. The U. S. Headline tour started in the fall of 2023 and will continue throughout December. Bain’s ability to sell out venues across America is no surprise given she has gathered over 350 million streams on Spotify alone.

The arrival of Amber Bain’s sophomore album titled In The End It Always Does has been patiently anticipated by fans since the artist's last release in 2019. That anticipation and dedication was clearly represented within the lively crowd.

“[The album is] about falling in love and not wanting it to end but knowing it always does,” said Amber Bain. “I think a lot of people hear the title and think about it in an optimistic way but that’s not what I mean. I hear the title as sad because things always end, no matter what you think is going to happen but that can also be a positive thing because endings are just a change. It could be the end of a phase in a relationship or something else, it’s cyclical.”

Bain was described as, “an alternative pop star for the modern age,” which emphasizes the unique creative perspective she brings to the music industry. Unlike most artists, The Japanese House fans greatly vary in demographic, proving that the individuality of Bain’s work can be enjoyed by any and everyone. The Japanese House performed seventeen songs in total spanning across both albums and previously released singles. The crowd of about 1,800 people did not miss a word while the stunning stage visuals lit up the venue.

The show was opened by Artist, Quinnie, who gained popularity on the TikTok platform when the song titled “Touch Tank” became a trending audio. It now has nearly 42 million streams itself. The artist's latest release being a deluxe album titled Flounder featuring the mentioned song as well as 15 others. However most songs performed were first looks into unreleased music coming out in the near future.

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