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baroque portrait frame 2_edited_edited_e
baroque portrait frame 2_edited_edited_e

Portrait of Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann by Gustav Klimt

"FACE LIKE A SUNSET" by Eighty Ninety
Tessa Swantek
Tallulah PR + MGMT

“You are burned in my heart
Lit face like a sunset
The only one who can stop my heart
And get it to beat like that.”

For centuries, artists have captured the faces of lovers, family, and passersby in brush strokes of kaleidoscopic color. As time slips away, we try to grasp moments that liquify into memories with each passing tick. We catch them in our palms like fireflies on a balmy summer’s evening. 

Catching the moment when the space between their indigo iris and charcoal pupil shone. 
A portrait closed in a golden locket. 

Our faces change like the sun sets, fading into deeper tones and textures. The sun sets like a lover’s cheeks flushing wine-red. All over the world, we try to capture the image as cerulean swirls into scorching scarlet and saffron. Brother duo, Eighty Ninety (Abner and Harper James) seize this flashing moment in their newest single, “Face Like a Sunset.” The beating heart of their music has long been in intense moments while time fades. They show love's swelling complexion in nature's boundlessness. Their EP’s Elizabeth and The Night Sky are just two examples, with Abner softly singing on the latter’s title track, “But I could see a lifetime in that look in your eyes/Oh, your face, it was the night sky.” 

Of “Face Like A Sunset,” Abner says, “It’s a song about the little moments when you realize you’re falling in love, and how the very moment you realize you want to spend forever with someone, you begin to feel the press of time. A sunset is beautiful partly because you know it won’t last.” And while nothing truly lasts forever, the song is like the aperture in time’s unrelenting swing. For a moment, Time's hands lay down beside the sun. 

Listen to "Face Like A Sunset" on all streaming platforms here!
PORTRAITS that remind us of “Face Like a Sunset.” Warm and slowly fading, but captured in time…

Portrait of Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann by Gustav Klimt


Samira 3 by Samira Addo


Judith and Holofernes by Kehinde Wiley


Portrait of Rose von Rosthorn-Friedmann by Gustav Klimt


Self Portrait by Mary Cassat


La Grande Guerre by Rene Magritte


Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I by Gustav Klimt

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