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pink pepper, neroli, lemon, rum, sage, vetiver, tobacco leaf, vanilla bean, styrax+


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“Saxophone”   by ALT. Fragrances smells like liquid gold winding through the instrument’s warm body, and pouring out with a scent deep and powdery. The saxophone is an emotional instrument- it is the golden mouthpiece for feelings deep inside so only a fragrance brassy and bellowy could reflect it. The first spray of the perfume is deep and leathery evoking a scene of a dizzyingly boozy romantic night as lovers’ wet leather boots hit mahogany toned cobblestone. The scent is neither masculine nor feminine as it mingles between the couple. Despite a bronzed brass body, the instrument carries a softness as it uses wind to whisper through its body before a cry wafts out through its bell. After about an hour of wear, the scent becomes sweeter with the rich tones still playing in the background. In the foreground, as if cigar smoke is drifting down from ivy covered balconies under warmly lit street lights, there is the sweetness of vanilla and tobacco. After 5 hours of wear as the fragrance melts into your body like sound burrowed in a golden sax, there is a long-lasting sweet balsamic scent that lingers throughout the day. Even after 10 hours, “Saxophone” does not lose its intensity like a saxophonist playing from the morning as the sun glints off the shining golden surface to the rainy night as the moon lights each drop peppered on the cobblestone.

ALT. Fragrances was created to democratize the perfume industry- to make scent accessible by stripping “the marketing gimmicks, celebrity endorsements, and brand names no one can see anyway so that inside your box you will find a fragrance based on some of the world’s most iconic scents created from the finest clean, sustainable, and ethically sourced ingredients with an emphasis on low environmental impact, sustainability, and responsibility. While ALT. Fragrances acknowledge and admire the creativity of the perfumes they seek to emulate, they believe it is important that everyone can experience their fragrance. “Saxophone,” in particular, is inspired by Maison Margiela’s beloved REPLICA Jazz Club perfume. ALT. Fragrances capture the essence of the perfume and sell at 30% of the price, eliminating brand tax. To shop “Saxophone,” visit our affiliate link below!

SHOP "Saxophone"  by ALT. FRAGRANCES
WORDS Tessa Swantek 


jazz club-unsplash_edited.jpg

This fragrance is an anthology of a dark bar made up of soft jazz on the piano in between leather arm chairs, while whiffing the cocktails lingering distanced in a crowded bar. Saxophone is as Smooth as the tunes of which the instrument sings. 

If you are a fan of sweet, boozy scents, this is the fragrance for you. Notes of rum and vainly make this fragrance all sweet and boozy however it is constantly transforming. Transitioning from notes of sweet vanilla to a soft spicy and woody accord reminiscent of leather seats and tobacco leaf. 

Photo by Oleksii S on Unsplash

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